Nevada Standards in Action  

Standards In Action: Application to Nevada’s Adult Education Standards in 2011 -2013

As Nevada Adult Educators move to implementation of the College and Career Readiness Standards based on the K-12 Common Core Standards, they look to build on the excellent work of the Standards in Action projects from 2011 to 2013. College and Career Readiness Standards will use the same systematic approach that has worked so well for Nevada instructors to this point. Each Nevada Adult Education organization (eight community colleges and community-based organizations), led by State Leadership Professional Development through Professional Learning Communities, supported largely volunteer instructors through unpacking, aligning, identifying lead standards, and creating units of instruction, lesson study/observation, lesson planning, and final reflection that followed the Nevada Adult Education Standards. The results preserved below will enable those who follow with the Standards in Action process based on College and Career Readiness Standards to succeed rapidly and efficiently. The activities, lesson plans, observations, and final reflection, in particular, will continue to guide the Standards that follow.

Current Standards

Previous Nevada Adult Education Standards, SIA Process, 2011 – 2013

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada:     ELL Reading

Community Multicultural Center:              ELL Listening and Speaking

College of Southern Nevada:                  ELL Reading

Great Basin College:                              ELL and ABE Reading

Northern Nevada Literacy Council:           ABE Reading, Writing, and Math

Truckee Meadows Community College:    ESL Reading     ELL Listening and Speaking, Writing

The Nevada Department of Adult Education gratefully acknowledges the following teachers for their dedicated time and efforts in implementing the Nevada Standards in Action 2011-2013 in their organizations and in their classrooms. The individuals below have spent hundreds of hours in bringing standards and this process to life in Nevada.

Catholic Charities: Barbara Powell, Joan Logue, Joann Lindsay, Patrick Matsuda, Robbie Fink
Community Multicultural Center: Evelyn Thompson, Laura Solis, Steven Cooper
College of Southern Nevada: Ana Improgo, Brianna Washington, John Ohrenschall, Jorge Galindo, Maria Ramos, Martin Parker, Ratchada Scott, Susan Aaron
Great Basin College: Charles Engstrom, Dawn Manning, Eloisa Mendosa, Emily Huerta, Jeanine Hoskins, Linda Grayot, Louise Parker, Oxana Sylvester, Sally Schumacher, Trudy Gilbertson, Viola Foy
Northern Nevada Literacy Council: David Weeks, Marianne Rasmussen, Mike Cronmiller, Patricia Peterman
Truckee Meadows Community College:  Balbine Mengu, Glaydis Briscoe, Linda Tubman, Silvia Rodriguez, Stepany Ayvazian