Career Infused Adult Education  

Career-Infused Adult Education

In order to prosper, students need to be able to compete for and obtain high demand jobs with family sustaining incomes many of which require certification beyond the secondary level.

Three elements of a Career-Infused Adult Education Plan

  1. Develop contextualized instruction around the high demand jobs in our area and infuse that into our work.
  2. Infuse soft skills into our work which will not only help in work preparation but in family and community phases of students' lives.
  3. Help students be aware of what jobs are out there and what it takes to get on a pathway to those jobs.

Resources from the Nevada Career Pathways Options Plan (Fall/Winter 2015)

----------  TIER I  ----------

Tier I Resources from August Meeting

1_Nevada_Career_Pathway_Options__Agenda (DOC)

2_Nevada_Career_Pathway_Options__Resource_Page (DOC)

3_PPT_Handout_Career_Infused_Adult_Education (PDF)

4_Nevada_CTE_Program_Description_List (PDF)

5_Preparing_Workers_Reading_9 (PDF)

6_Career_Checklist_Blue_Detailed (DOC)

7_McLendon_Career_Pathway_Options (PDF)

8_PPT_Career_Infused_Adult_Education (PPT)

MI_Preparing_Workers_for_21st_Century_Employment_Employment_booklet (PDF)

MI_Prepariing_Workers_for_21st_Century_Employment_Math_Student_Guide (PDF)

MI_Preparing_Workers_for_21st_Century_Employment_Math_Teacher_Guide (PDF)

Tier I Monthly Followup

Preparation_for_December_Meeting (DOC)

October Interim Reflection (DOC)

September Interim Reflection (DOC)

----------  TIER II  ----------

Tier II Resources from December Meeting Meeting

All Tier II Resources as a Zip File

1_December_Nevada_Career_Pathway_Options__Agenda_111115 (DOC)

3_Career_Pathways_model_one_page (DOC)

4_Partnership_building_agenda_and_survey (PDF)

5_Career_Infused_Adult_Education_Part_II (PDF)

6_SUN_Complete_Book (PDF)

7_NYC_pathway_visual (DOC)

8_BTadvtraining-brochure-051011jr (PDF)

Career_Infused_Adult_Education_Part_II (PPT)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_1__Getting_Started (PDF)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_2__Partnership_Development (PDF)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_3__Gap_Analysis (PDF)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_4_Curriculum_Development_and_Student_Support (PDF)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_5_Managing_CP_and_Bridge_Systems (PDF)

Michigan_Career_Pathway_Toolkit_6_Evaluating_Improving_and_Expanding (PDF)

Tier II Followup

Tier_II_Follow_Up_Plans (DOC)