CCRS Lesson Plans

College and Career Readiness Standards-Based Units

The College and Career Readiness Standards curriculum development project served as a statewide introduction to CCRS lesson plan development.  The instructors in the CCRS pilot produced our 'first round' of CCRS lessons and patiently and tirelessly worked as we continually introduced and incorporated new adult education CCRS information from national experts throughout the 9-month period.  Our initial attempt yielded a solid foundation of CCRS knowledge and, with the experience gained during the pilot, will serve to inform furture curriculum projects and professional development workshops.


The Nevada Department of Adult Education gratefully acknowledges the following teachers for their dedicated time and effort developing these lessons: Robert Fink, Catholic Charities, (ESL Beginning Literacy); JoAnn Hussey Lindsay, Catholic Charities, (ESL Low/High Beginning); Patrick Matsuda, Catholic Charities, (ESL Low/High Intermediate); Barbara Powell, Catholic Charities, (Advanced ESL); Marianne Rasmussen, Western Nevada College, (ABE Beginning Literacy); Ratchada Scott, College of Southern Nevada, (ABE Beginning Basic Skills); Charity Marshall, College of Southern Nevada, (ABE Intermediate Basic Skills); Linda Tubman, Truckee Meadows Community College, (ABE Advanced Basic Skills); Diana Mcintyre, Truckee Meadows Community College (Adult Secondary); and Joy Zimmerman, Truckee Meadows Community College (Advanced Adult Secondary).


College and Career Readiness Units:  All Levels English Language Learners and Adult Secondary Education, developed by Nevada Adult Educators.


ESOL Lessons

    Level A -- Beginning Literacy

    Level A -- Low/High Beginning

    Level B -- Low/High Intermediate

    Level C -- Advanced

ABE Lessons

    Level A -- ABE Beginning Literacy

    Level B -- Beginning Basic Skills

    Level B -- Intermediate Basic Skills

    Level C -- Advanced Basic Skills

    Level D -- Adult Secondary

    Level E -- Advanced Adult Secondary

Workforce Preparation Skills Lessons

    Low/High Beginning

    Low/High Intermediate