Adult High School Programs

Adult High School Programs are designed to serve adults 18 years or older who:

  • Are not enrolled in a regular high school.
  • Have no intention of returning to regular high school.
  • Do not have a high school diploma

The “Regular” adult program serves non-incarcerated adults, and the “Corrections” program serves only incarcerated adults. Both programs are operated through local school districts and funded by the State Legislature.

Adult High School Programs provide opportunities for Nevada adults to:

  • Return to school and earn their GED or Adult High School Diploma
  • Get or keep a job
  • Get off welfare
  • Transfer to college or other career & technical training programs
  • Learn English language, skills, understand US culture, and participate in society
  • Help their children with homework so they can be successful in school
  • Read and follow healthcare instructions

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Adult High School Programs in Nevada