GED Score Change  

On April 28, 2016, the Nevada State Board of Education (NVSBOE) voted to approve the new national passing score of 145 for the GED test, leading to a Nevada Certificate of High School Equivalency (HSE). The GED Testing Service recently announced a recalibration to the 2014 GED Test Series passing score from 150 to 145. The program will also include two optional HSE levels to signify college readiness, and the possibility for some test-takers to apply for college credits.

The new performance levels apply retroactively to test-takers who have tested since January 1, 2014. Examinees who earned scores between 145-149 prior to the new passing score are now eligible for a state HSE credential. 

2016-05-12 UPDATE: GED examinees that are now eligible for the Nevada High School Equivalency Certificate as a result of the GED test score changes may order their credentials from 

Visit and login into your student account.

(To create a student account click on the “Create New Account (Students Only)” link on the DiplomaSender homepage.)

Make sure to have your 16 digit GED ID number handy as this is the ID you will be required to provide during registration. Your GED ID can be located by logging in to your MYGED.COM account and clicking on your name at the top right corner of your MYGED.COM student profile.

After logging in, click on the “PROMOTIONAL OFFER” link on the right-hand side of your DiplomaSender student home page to begin the order for your initial documents. During the order you will provide your current address information. Your initial set of documents includes one copy of your High School Equivalency Certificate and on copy of your GED transcript at no cost. Additional copies may be purchased at the website at any time.

2016-05-11 UPDATE: The Nevada Department of Education,, and GED TEsting Service have begun contacting examinees that are now eligible for the the Nevada High School Equivalency Certificate as a result of the GED test score changes.

2016-05-06 UPDATE: DiplomaSender is working closely with the Nevada State Board of Education to implement the recent GED Scoring changes. If you were referred to DiplomaSender to update your record, they are not able to update the record until they have received all of the records from the test provider. Please wait until you are contacted by DiplomaSender. Thank you for your patience.


Examinees are encouraged to update their contact information at .  See 2016-05-12 update above for details on how examinees can access their credentials.

2016-05-02 UPDATE: The Nevada Department of Education is working with DiplomaSender to contact examinees that now qualify for a Certificate of High School Equivalency as a result of the scoring change.


For more information contact the Nevada Department of Education, High School Equiivalency Office: